Área penal

PEREZ CALAF & CIA.advises its clients in this field taking into account two separate aspects: Prevention and Prosecution,  this is done in collaboration with the procedural law department.

In this field, the firm renders advise and legal defense in criminal proceedings, specially in:

Probate, successions and inheritance award

Economic felonies, punishable insolvencies, corporate crimes, misappropriations and fraud.

Industrial property crimes and copyright felonies.

Environmental crimes.

Civil liabilities derived from a crime.

Report elaboration.

Not withstanding our a vast knowledge in this area we have specially focused on:
Probate, Successions, partition  and award of property.

Guardianship and Wardship.

Contract and tort liability.

Trust property.

Contracts and obligations.

Family businesses, formalizations and protocols.

Civil and Mercantile Corporations.

Corporate mergers, acquisitions and transformations.
III Tax Law

Our firm intervenes in the following matters:

Tax consultancy to corporations and individuals.

Corporate reorganizations.

Preparation of reports.

Response to specific questions pertaining to taxes.

Query formulations to the Internal Revenue Service.

Participation in tax management procedures.( Requirements, proposals for settlement and return of improper revenue.)


Claims before the tax administration.

Economic-administrative claims before the tax courts

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